Our Services and Clinics

Treatment and Clinic Rooms

Our Practice nursing team provides a wide range of services. These include cervical smears, dressings, immunisations, blood tests, and ear syringing.

We hold a Phlebotomy clinic each morning for blood tests. Please telephone Reception to make an appointment.

We request that all new patients have a health check with our Nurses. They are trained to give advice on a wide range of health issues including weight problems, raised blood pressure and prevention of heart disease.

Each year we carry out a flu vaccination campaign. We recommend that all people suffering from heart disease, lung disease (including asthma), diabetes, kidney failure or those on drugs that reduce the body's resistance to infection should be immunised against influenza every year. If you feel you come into one of these categories then contact us early in September to arrange your appointment.

The nursing team runs clinics for diabetes, and respiratory clinics for asthma, COPD and spirometry. We also run a travel advice and vaccination clinic.

Please note that if anyone other than the parents brings a child for any immunisation, they must bring with them a letter, signed by the parent, giving consent for the immunisation. If the Nurses do not have parental consent, they will be unable to give the immunisation.

Family Planning, Contraception and Emergency Contraception
The Doctors/Nurse Practitioners and Nurses provide a comprehensive family planning clinic, including 'the pill', the fitting of coils, caps and the insertion and removal of implants. The so-called "morning after pill" is also available NB: It may be effective up to three days later. However in all cases the sooner the better, please come to the Health Centre or telephone for advice.

Minor Surgery
Minor surgery is carried out in the Health Centre by all the Doctors, thus saving you the time and inconvenience of going to hospital.

Minor Injury
The Health Centre is fully equipped to deal with minor injuries

Antenatal Clinics
These are run every Thursday by the Community Midwife.

Pre-Conceptual Care (planning a healthy pregnancy)
If you are planning to start a family, our Midwife holds pre-conception clinics to ensure that your physical health is at its best. You will receive practical advice on diet, stopping contraception, rubella, breast feeding, folic acid supplement and be able to discuss any anxieties that you have about pregnancy and labour. Please telephone or call in at Reception to book an appointment.

Diabetic Clinic
This is run weekly by the nursing team. The Dietician is available by appointment to give dietary advice. All diabetic patients are seen, by invitation, twice a year to be screened for complications and to have their control checked.

INR (Warfarin) Clinics
We run a number of clinics for patients to have their anti-coagulation treatment reviewed.

We have an NHS Physiotherapist working at Upwell Health Centre. Access to this service is through the Doctor/Nurse Practitioner.

Other Services
We continue to bring in services to ensure that they are available and provided locally. As such we have:

Mrs Jane Howlett SRCh D.Pod.M providing private chiropody treatment, please ask for details at Reception.

A Registered Osteopath, working here half a day a week. If you would like to see him then telephone
(01366) 383840. Unfortunately his services are not available on the NHS.

On the second Monday of each month West Norfolk Hearing Support Service hold a drop-in clinic for hearing aid repairs, replacement of batteries etc 1.00 - 3.00pm.

On the first Wednesday of each month West Norfolk Carers hold a clinic from 2.00 - 4.00pm to provide advice and support to anyone who is a carer.

Dental Surgery
Dental Surgeon, Dr David Rattray BMed Sci (Hons) BDS Newcastle MFGDP (UK) RCS Eng provides a comprehensive range of dental care, and is located within the Health Centre. The Dental Surgery is a separate practice and all enquiries and requests for appointments should be made by contacting them direct, on (01945) 772121.



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