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Important Information About Sharing Your Information
Introducing the Enhanced Sharing Data Model


From 22nd February 2018 Upwell Health Centre will be using a new clinical system to access and update your computer medical record. This system is called SystmOne and is used by the majority of GP practices and community services in West Norfolk.

One of the key advantages of SystmOne is the ability to share your medical record with other organisations involved in your direct care. This is called the Enhanced Data Sharing Model (EDSM) and is intended to deliver more joined up care between different NHS organisations.

  • This does not mean that your information will be automatically shared.
  • It does mean that you now have the ability to allow other healthcare agencies involved in your direct care access to your GP medical record which is beneficial to care.
  • It does mean that some of your treatment elsewhere can, with your permission, be seen by the clinicians here at Upwell Health Centre. 

It is important to remember, you are always in control of your information and you have choices about how your information is shared and that these choices can be changed as many times as you like. This leaflet explains this in more detail.


How It Works

There are 2 consents in your patient record at the practice, one to share out and one to share in.


Sharing Out – this allows the information recorded at the practice to be potentially shared to other healthcare organisations involved in your direct care. When you are seen by another healthcare provider who has access to SystmOne they will ask you for your consent at the time to access your GP record. If you do not consent they will not be able to see your information.


Sharing In – this allows the practice to see information that has been recorded by other healthcare professionals if they have access to SystmOne.

Sharing your information can have significant benefits as it allows clinicians to make better decisions about your care as they will have a wider knowledge of you. It also helps to reduce the number of times you need to repeat and explain the same information to other clinicians reducing errors and misunderstandings. Upwell Health Centre believes that giving the patients we care for the ability to share their medical information is in their best interests.


Unless you advise otherwise, we will set all of our patients to be able to Share Out and Share In from Upwell Health Centre. Remember this does not mean your information is automatically shared – it is not. It remains confidential to you and the practice unless you consent to it being shared at other healthcare organisations. 


How will it work outside of the surgery?

Increasingly other healthcare providers are using SystmOne. For each episode of treatment at any other healthcare organisations you are seeing who use SystmOne as their clinical system will ask you about sharing in and sharing out. This provides you with full control of your information. An episode of health care will usually be a complete course of treatment. For example, if it was a 6 week course of physio treatment then the sharing decision you make will remain in force for 6 weeks. Outside of the practice, you will be asked at the beginning of every new episode of care how you want your information shared. 


What choices do I have?

  1. If you have concerns about the specific elements of your medical history these can be discussed with the practice as some items can be marked “private” and these will not be visible outside the practice.
  2. You can chose to not share your record in or out from the practice. This will prevent other care services from seeing your record which could be detrimental to your care.

If you would like to exercise either of these options please ask for a Sharing Preferences Form from the Practice.


Other things you should know.

  • SystmOne eSDM sharing functionality does not enable your records to be used for research or any purpose other than providing you with direct care.
  • NHS staff can only see your information if they have an NHS smart card and also have the right permissions and job type.
  • A full audit trail of access to your information is maintained within the system – this can be audited and checked.
  • eSDM (sharing) functionality only applies to organisations that use SystmOne.
  • You are free to change your sharing preferences at any time and as many times as you like.
  • There may be some circumstances where a clinician feels it is in your best interests to see your medical record regardless of your consent. This will only be carried out by people with specific permissions on their NHS smart card and only ever in serious health situations. An example of this might be if you were unconscious and seriously ill, the senior clinician at the time may feel they need to access to your current medications and history to treat you.
  • There are some rare legal situations where your information can be shared without your consent. This will occur if it is a matter of public interest, a safeguarding issue or a court order. This is true of all health record systems and is not specific to eSDM sharing.


You can download the above information in printable form (which also includes an example of how the sharing can work) by clicking here.


If you would like any further information please contact the practice and ask to tspeak to somebody about "SystmOne Sharing" and we will endevour to help. 


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