Introducing the Norfolk & Waveney Shared Care Record

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There is a common misconception that health and care workers already have access to people’s full health and care records. This is not always the case and often means that you are asked to repeat your medical history and social circumstance when seen by different health or care professionals. Having a Shared Care Record in place will allow them to see relevant information about the care and treatment you have had across all services so that they can make a more informed decision and support you to tell your story once.  

Some key benefits of the ShCR are: 

  • Improved experience for you: from knowing that any health and care professional you see has the information they need to provide you with the best treatment and care or make the most informed decision for your wellbeing.  
  • Reduced waiting times and repetition: because having readily available information means less time contacting different settings and departments and less time repeatedly telling your story or sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable information.  
  • More efficient diagnostic testing: by avoiding duplication through better communication  
  • More holistic care: by taking a wider scope of information into account, health and care professionals can communicate easily and proactively, considering your overall health, care, and social circumstance where we are aware and not just considering your immediate condition – doing what is right by you.  
  • Increased satisfaction: and confidence that no matter how complex your condition, that you’re in the right place, at the right time, and whomever you see for your direct treatment and care is more informed.  

Further information about the roll out of the Norfolk and Waveny Shared Care