PATCHS – patient information

Patient Information about Our new online system called PATCHS.

During May 2023 we are replacing our website and method for patients to communicate with us electronically. This new system is called PATCHS and is available from our website. We are rolling out this service gradually.

There are 2 main ways of using PATCHS to contact the practice.

  1. Clinical requests (such as need advice about medicines or would like to speak to a clinician about a health problem.
  2. Admin Requests (for example, change of address, request a fit to work note, anything non-clinical).

Patients will of course have the option to call the practice as they always have done. There is no requirement to use PATCHS – this is simply an option for contacting the practice for those patients that prefer to contact us electronically. Patients who are currently using SystmOnline to order repeat medications can and should continue to do so.

In order to use PATCHS each patient will need to register with PATCHS. This is a one-time registration and doing so will save you time in the future and help us at the practice match up your request to your medical record more easily. This process or the need to register with PACTHS does NOT alter your normal practice registration in any way – it is simply a requirement if you want to use the online services. You may also register using the NHS App. You can register any time with PATCHS even if you don’t need to contact the practice at the moment.

Register for PATCHS

It should be noted that the daily number of online requests will necessarily be restricted based on our ability in the practice to manage the work safely. As much as we would like to offer unlimited access it simply cannot be a free for all. If the online request functionality is unavailable, then you would need to contact the practice by telephone – especially if your need is urgent.

More information about PATCHS