Upwell PPG Terms of Reference 2023

PPG Aims / Purpose 

  • To promote good relations between the practice and patients by communicating the experiences, interests, and concerns of patients, and by providing feedback to the practice and patients on current procedures and proposed new developments. 
  • To explore ideas and areas for improvement or change identified by patient surveys and feedback. 
  • To be a forum for ideas on health promotion and self-care. 
  • To be consulted on service development within the surgery, or wider secondary healthcare services commissioned by the Integrated Care Service (ICS). 


  • Membership is open to all registered patients aged 16 or over and their carers (who may be registered elsewhere). 
  • Members should be there to support the group, the practice and the local population, rather than to pursue their own personal agenda. 
  • Membership should aim to be representative of the practice population. 
  • Support will be provided by the practice manager and designated staff from the practice as deemed appropriate. 
  • PPG members will meet quarterly at a minimum. Meetings will be online, in person, or a hybrid of both. 


  • Chair of the PPG will be nominated and elected by PPG members in March of each year. Term of office will be one year. 
  • Secretary of core group will be nominated and elected by core group members in March of each year. Term of office will be one year. 


  • The group’s meetings will be recorded as minutes with highlighted action points. 
  • The practice manager or nominated practice representative will act as the point of liaison within the practice. 
  • The group can expect direction, feedback and suggestions from the practice when required. 
  • Minutes will be made available to the wider practice population via information in the waiting rooms/notice boards and via the practice website. 


  • Meetings will be held during the first week of each month in March, June, September and December each year at a minimum. 
  • The quorum (minimum number of people required to be present for decisions) for meetings is four PPG members plus one practice representative (e.g., the Practice Manager).
  • An agenda and any meeting papers will be sent to all members (in a suitable format for them) at least five working days before each meeting date. 
  • All members can contribute agenda items. Agenda planning before the meeting will be managed and finalised by the chair, supported by the secretary. 

Agreed and adopted on 28 April 2023. Review date 1 March 2024.